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افتراضي iPhone 4G Repair - Logic Board Replacement


iPhone 4G Repair - Logic Board Replacement

Turn your Apple iPhone 4G foce down and remove the 2 screws next to the dock connector. When the screws are loose you can flip the iPhone 4G back cover upward and set it aside.

Please note that these screws are phillips on the older version and pentacle screws on the newer version. The latter version requires a special iPhone 4 pentaclescrewdriver.

Step 2
Remove the backplate is removed you can see the battery, the iPhone 4 logic boardand the ribbon cable system connecting the components.

Step 3

This is what the iPhone 4g backplatelooks like when you flip it around.

Step 4

Remove the phillips screw visible the center of the image.

Step 5

When the screw is removed you can take off the ribbon cable cover as shown in the image. Take good note of the length and size of each screw as you are removing them, since they are all different and need to be installed in the right position upon re-assembly.

Step 6

Turn the Apple iPhone 4G around again and remove theiPhone 4 battery connector cover using as shown in the image.

Step 10

Remove the two phillips screws of the ****l shield covering the dock connector ribbon. They are located near the center where the iPhone 4 motherboard is located. The ****l shield should now free the iphone 4 dock ribbon cable attched to the logic board.

Step 13

Now the iPhone 4G battery should come loose from the Apple iPhone 4G midboard.

Step 12

Gently disconnect the iphone 4G dock connector ribbon cable next to the battery compartment as shown in the image. Careful as the ribbon cables are very fragile.

Step 15

Vibration Motor Removal can be skipped for motherboard replacement
If you want to replace the iPhone 4G vibration motor, remove the two screws the top right corner.

Step 16

In this picture you see what it looks like when the vibrator module is removed and the screws the vibrator module. Take note of the different size and re-install accordingly.

Step 21

Now release the camera, powerswitch and volume ribbon cables.
Using the safe open tool gently pry them loose from the connectors and flip them backward once they're released.
Be sure to not put any tension or strain on the cables or connectors in the process.

Step 22

Loud Speaker Removal (can be skipped for motherboard replacement)
Remove the single screw holding in place the iPhone 4 speaker enclosure.

Step 23

Once the screw is removed, it should look like this.

Step 24

Gently pry the speaker assembly upward a little bit.

Step 25

We will now shift our focus toward theiPhone 4 wifi antenna cable. Disengage the coaxial cable from the logicboard. In an upward position, use either the safe open tool to carefully seperate the two.

Step 26

The result will look like this. Now you can begin lifting out the entire module.

Step 27

This is the speaker enclosure outside of the casing.

Step 29

Remove the iPhone 4 camera module by inserting the blue tool on the edge. In an upward manner, lift out the connection tap off.

Step 30

This is what is looks like when the ribbon cable is released.

Step 31

Insert the bluetool on the edge, and slowly, in a upward position lift. Back camera module will easily separate away.

Step 33

The Camera module when fully removed from the iPhone.

Step 34

Remove the white water damage indicator to reveal a phillip screw underneath.

Step 35

If you haven't already done so, insert a paper clip into the SIM tray to remove it from the unit.

Step 36

So far, the iPhone 4 top area should look like this.
There is a larger size flathead screw located at the top right corner of the logicboard.
Note that the flat-head size screw has (visible in the next image) already been removed in this image.

As soon as that srew is removed the logicboard is now ready to be relseased from the fram. Start off by lifting the bottom area, and in a inclining position lift away. Is should seperate at ease, no force required, if all screws are removed.

Step 37

The half flat headed screw can be easily removed by a flat head screw driver.

Step 38

This is what the board looks like when fully separated. This is the top view of the iPhone 4 logicboard.

Step 39

Bottom view of the iPhone 4 mainboard.

Step 40

Success! You fully removed the logic board! For re-assembly follow the steps in reverse order.



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